IRS Resolution Services

The typical Tax Resolution firm is either just a referral service or only has one or two cookie cutter approaches to representing taxpayers. It’s expensive and it doesn’t work.

I’m different. Every tax problem is unique, and it’s my job to find the best solution that represents your interests. Here is how I work:

It starts with gathering information about you, reading notices you’ve received, and learning about your situation in detail. If there is imminent danger of IRS doing bad things to you, I’ll be on the phone with them that same day. Otherwise, I’ll get your authorization to contact the IRS and find out what their records show and what actions they are contemplating.

Once I have that information, we’ll talk about your alternatives. Depending on your situation, the solutions may include:

  • Negotiating an offer for a discounted settlement
  • Asking for an appeal of the taxes owed
  • Requesting a reduction in penalties
  • Offering and negotiating a payment plan
  • Filing missing returns
  • Innocent spouse relief

If necessary, I’ll represent you in an IRS audit or hearing.

When you work with me, you will NOT need to speak directly with IRS or other tax authorities. I am happy to do so on your behalf. I’ve been doing this for years. IRS agents are good professionals, and I know how to work well with them.

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